Plan, Do, Review

One of the key tools in embedding learning at Kirikiriroa and St. Peter’s Scout Group is the Plan, Do, Review cycle.

Plan, Do, Review is a tool to engage and empower youth members to develop and run an exciting programme in which everyone can individually develop and enjoy. It enables youth to maximise the learning in their activities and most importantly, enables youth involvement in decision making. Plan, Do, Review should be used in all Sections of Scouting, from Keas to Rovers, in an age-appropriate way.

Plan, Do, Review occurs in many different ways and at different times throughout the Scouting journey, depending on the needs of the group and the activity being done. It is used for everything from an individual game to the whole programme, and is especially helpful for running big projects and adventures.

Plan, Do, Review isn’t always a linear process. It may be that the nature of the activity you are embarking on requires you to revisit the planning stage multiple times. Perhaps when you go to do the activity, you find that it just isn’t working and you need to do a mini-review with those involved, before going back to the planning stage and having another go.

There are three core pieces to this cycle:

Plan – Whakamahere

Planning is the foundation of carrying out any activity. Having a good planning process helps ensure the activity runs smoothly and helps you achieve what you set out to do.

Do – Mahi

Make it happen! This is where you put your plans into action, get involved, and do great things.

Review – Arotake

Review is where the learning happens and is an incredibly important part of every opportunity in Scouting. This process also helps inform your next plans.

Plan, Do, Review is a cycle, and after every review there should be some way to record learnings, to ensure it is built into the next round of planning. This is perhaps the most important part, and where the real learning happens, as you are putting practical changes in place based on your experience.